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Skill Development Analysis

As previously discussed on my strengths & weaknesses blog, I would like to improve on my collaborative skills. Collaboration is crucial in the film industry, especially when working with a team. If people do not agree with each other the end product will not be as expected. Collaboration makes people […]

Strengths & Weaknesses

Strengths Motivation: has always been a huge advantage in my point of view. My former teachers and work associates have always told me that my work is a lot better when I am motivated in it. People in general appreciate the effort I put in and this results in positive […]

My current skill set

As an individual I have done a lot of work in the past involving film productions. In 2017, I completed a 10-month internship at LBL Content in Arnhem, the Netherlands. Since I worked for a company who collaborated with other large companies, such as Jumbo, DHL, TenneT, NOS, UNOX, I […]


When drones were introduced people got amazed of their capabilities and their worldwide use. Drones are able to shoot in full HD and capture amazing aerial footage, 4K resolution and higher, while not sacrificing any quality. DJI is a drone company which keeps advancing with new models such as the […]

Being an Intern in a company

There are set goals I have achieved for myself in my former company LBL content Firstly, being able to master the basics of video production and understanding the terms of my task. Image, colour and sound are an important role in video production because it tones the feelings and […]

The making of a website

I’ve been very active online and on social media in particular but failed to realized how crucial it is, to have a website for promoting my services and for networking. Learning about the benefits of a website made me want to create one as well. Last year I discussed this […]