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Skill Development Analysis

As previously discussed on my strengths & weaknesses blog, I would like to improve on my collaborative skills. Collaboration is crucial in the film industry, especially when working with a team. If people do not agree with each other the end product will not be as expected. Collaboration makes people work together to achieve a defined and common business purpose.

Collaboration has a lot of advantages career wise, examples are the following:

  • Helps me grow my network: By collaborating I can get to know more connections and this could help with the networking.
  • Inspiration: Going beyond what I do and talk to others which would really help me think in a new creative way. Hearing different opinions, skills and examples.
  • Solving problems: When there is an issue, people can discuss with each other and try to prevent it.
  • It is educational: Some of the most successful collaborations involve two or more people who bring very different sets of skills, perspectives, and strengths to the table. This makes it educational for me and the other individual because we form a concrete idea together.

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