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Strengths & Weaknesses


  • Motivation: has always been a huge advantage in my point of view. My former teachers and work associates have always told me that my work is a lot better when I am motivated in it. People in general appreciate the effort I put in and this results in positive feedback. I would also like to show motivation in my following work/study.
  • Respectful: I do this by accepting critical feedback, by exhibiting care or concern. Especially in a working environment it is important to respect the person who is trying talking to you. I respect and appreciate any feedback I receive from anyone. It helps me better understand what I can improve on next time.
  • Collaborative: I am used to collaborate with schoolmates, friends and social media peers to implement multimedia projects. With collaboration, I form new creative ideas I would have never thought of by myself.


  • Disorganization: At times, I tend to lose my work files due to lack of organization on my computer. I am now solving this by neatly putting everything in an according folder and keeping it clear.
  • Lack of focus: I can get distracted very easily by a lot of my surroundings during class. It can be a certain background noise or person. I try to avoid these distractions by listening to the teacher and by writing key words. Therefore, I will have those thoughts instead of thinking about the distractions.
  • Critical of myself: I can be too critical of myself. What I noticed throughout my work is that I often feel as if I could have done more. One solution I’ve implemented over the last years is to appreciate what I did and to not think about it as much. By doing this, it really helped my own self-esteem.

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