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As an individual I have done a lot of work in the past involving film productions. In 2017, I completed a 10-month internship at LBL Content in Arnhem, the Netherlands. Since I worked for a company who collaborated with other large companies, such as Jumbo, DHL, TenneT, NOS, UNOX, I have learned a lot about the professional side of video production and animation.

My main job was editing videos with adobe premiere with given footage from the cameramen.  I created most of the 2D animations and titles via after effects. To conclude, I also made banners and logos on Photoshop. I implemented most of their short videos they posted on Jumbo’s website such as their cooking and Oorsprong videos.

LBL noticed that I showed motivation and ambition. Therefore, they gave me full loyalty in most of the work. The longer I worked there, the more challenging it got and I thrived to learn more every day.

Internship has certainly contributed to my personal development and I have more experience. I feel safer with myself and self-assured to independently deliver quality work. During an internship I got the opportunity to pitch a lot and work on my communication skills so that everyone in the environment understood what my ideas and goals were.

Furthermore, I did some work for the Rivers International School Arnhem in the context of the Rivers International Model United Nation (RIMUN) project. My job was to make a creative intro for their RIMUN event with the given footage I received from the students.  Watch now!


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